Beautifully simple or unfinished?

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We’ve been having a bit of a debate in the studio about whether this website is beautifully simple and refreshing or unfinished.

I think it’s perfect for its purpose. It’s an online directory for every government service that you could possibly imagine for the entire United Kingdom.

So, I will just assume that when the user has something in particular that they want find, they don’t have a lot of time – probably on lunch break or in front of the TV – and that they’re not  interested in simply browsing. Therefore, I say images ‘get the hell out of the way!’.
The designer hat can sometimes skew the view, hence user testing is so important.

What do you think? We’d love to know.

Dan Kuss

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Twenty years in the design industry can do one of two things – drive your love affair with all things design, or drive you nuts. We’re pretty sure Dan hasn’t gone nuts. What does drive him nuts is agency-centric solutions.

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