2014 – The year of inbound marketing

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With January just out the back door, you should have well and truly established your marketing plan for 2014, and be actioning it on a daily basis.

What can you be doing to create more leads on a daily basis?

Enter inbound marketing. The art — and science — of bringing enquiries to your website, telephone or front desk. Many of us do it already in some form and with some degree of consistency and quality. Popular activities are emails to clients or occasional post on a blog, social media, or the odd update to the website. Once you have a ‘lead’ you then nurture them until they are ready to buy – as I’ve said before, that is when the sale really begins. The companies that are having the most successful with inbound marketing and lead generation are the ones that are doing it consistently, with targeted content that’s relevant and told in an engaging fashion – perhaps even a story.

We love stories

Everybody loves a good story, especially when it’s entertaining. We used stories to explain our experiences, support a point of view, pass on wisdom and to talk about things that we are interested in. It can be similar when talking about our business – our craft – and how it benefits our clients. Come to think of it, a case study is a story about your client’s experience with you and how you solved their problem and added value.

Of course, you can create all the enquiries you could ever dream of but conversion rate fails because of poor sales process, poor customer service, poor or no offer, no call to action, or the landing page that they’re take to doesn’t do its job and therefore those efforts are wasted. By the same token, you can build a beautiful, award-winning website that no one knows about – thanks to lack of promotion – and that you don’t drive any [qualified] traffic to, then it’s going to fail as well.

A great product still will not sell itself

Let’s say you have a great product – perhaps best in category, you care about your clients, and your customers are very happy.  The problem is that not enough people know about your product. Once people are introduced to your business, to your staff and to you, you convert an extraordinary percentage of those enquiries into new customers. So, all you need is more enquiries.

An inbound marketing strategy should form part of a marketing plan. Neither of which need to be 20 pages long and collecting dust. Just a set of objectives and actions to achieve those objectives, with testing and measuring along the way. The simpler, and more defined those actions are, the greater the chance of executing them and therefore the greater the chance of success.

Ready to get started? We are here to help you show off your great products and beautifully designed brand to the [target] world.

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