Who we are

Over twenty years we’ve transformed from a design studio to a marketing communications agency. Using a strategic blend of creativity, business and marketing principles, we assist businesses to achieve their goals – gaining clarity and focus, identity and the right communication tools for success.

What we do

We solve communication problems. While other agencies focus on unique creative solutions, Creative Grease empowers business with tailored programs and sales and marketing tools that create opportunity and growth.

We believe that there is no sustainable benefit to design in isolation. That is to say that there is no point looking good if nobody knows you exist. Therefore, design and marketing go hand in hand. We use commonsense strategies to help you market your business. The goal is to create more sales, period.

In this way, Creative Grease gives businesses not only the tools to grow their brand, but also a plan to implement them and critical support.

How we do it

Like most problem solvers, we follow a process in order to solve a problem.  Be it in the field of design, business, marketing, health and fitness [insert your industry], the process is still the same. Of course, the process fails miserably if the problem isn’t identified clearly in the first place.

Read more about this in Strategy – then design.

1 Diagnose

A great project lives or dies in the brief. This is why it’s critical to do the Simon Sinek dance and “Start with WHY!”  Why does one need a widget? Be it a website, logo, brochure, app, campaign, or what ever. What function, benefit and outcome is required? 

Our process ensures that we fully understand our clients needs and translate that into a great brief–an accurate diagnosis of the problem. We meet with the project leads, conduct Discovery sessions, develop the brief and conduct research. Only once this is done can value truly be added.

2 Prescribe

Once all key stakeholders agree that we have accurately understood the problem, we present our findings and deliver our recommendations in the form of a strategy. For example, it may be a marketing plan, digital strategy, mood board, campaign plan or a creative brief.

3 Solve

Fire up the creative engine! It’s time to respond to the brief. Here we’ll execute the marketing plan; design the logo, website, app, or brochure. We present our ideas, refine them then prepare for delivery.

4 Deliver & Measure

Here we create the widget, build the website, print the brochure, roll out the assets and then measure the activity.


Creative Grease is a fun place to work. Just ask our clients. We love what we do and they can smell it. We treat our clients and each other with passion and respect. We are grateful for our business and their business and love helping each other flourish and prosper. The creative Grease team and our clients are our greatest marketing tool.

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