Almost 50% open rate.

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A 46.9% open rate for an email newsletter is nothing to be sneezed at, particularly as we are averaging over 100 emails to our inbox per day.

Our friends, and client, API Insurance Services have just broadcast edition 5 of their monthly bulletin titled Unscrambling Insurance and the stats are great!

Using our email marketing software – – API Insurance Services, like other clients of ours, have had great success with their email campaigns. In fact, Rob Skipper – CEO and talented bulletin author – tells us that it’s looking like the policies being written directly as a result of this one mail out will cover the costs involved. A great return on investment, particularly as the primary goal of this style of bulletin is brand awareness and some sales convert indirectly, and delayed, as a result of being top of mind when a need for insurance arises.

Check out API Insurance Services’ campaigns.

“There is no doubt we will more than recoup the cost of this campaign in a short space of time.”
Rob Skipper, CEO

We love ROI.

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