There is an app for everything these days.

Infact there are more like twenty apps for everything. There are currently over 1.2 million apps on App Store and well over 1 million on Google’s Play Store.

You know what? There is still room for good ones. Apps that save lives. Apps that educate us. Apps that help us build career paths.

So, what’s so good about apps? Well, they’re independent of browsers, they operate offline (for most functionality), they don’t need an internet connection, etc. This is very handy for users in remote locations, where they may not be connected to the grid.

Fire fighters and emergency services workers, for example, are sometimes called out to locations that have no internet connection, be it rural, or network congestion, etc.

We recently developed an app in conjunction with Government Skills Australia and AFAC, the peak Australian Fire Fighting body, to help first responders to work safely with PV arrays. Hint: PV array is a solar panel.

Why did we develop this app?

From 2011 to the end of 2013, the number of installations of photovoltaic/solar systems (PV) in Australia grew by 225%. 2014 commenced with more than 2 million PV systems operating in Australia. Emergency services personnel now have a greater likelihood of responding to structures at which a PV system is installed. PV safety is now more important than ever.

When responding to an emergency incident at which a PV system is installed, emergency services personnel need to be aware of the additional risks and hazards that PV systems and their components present.

By providing another way to access information whilst mobile, this app is designed to assist first responders to work safely with domestic PV systems.

Download the Working Safely with PV Systems app now.

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Web application design

GSA’s Local Government sector engaged us to take their 6 year old Careers Guide Chart and re-purpose it for the younger generation – aka mobile device users.

Play with the Local Government Careers website now.

Local Government Careers web application on iPad

Dan and the team at Creative Grease capably led GSA through the development of a mobile app. The team was able to understand what GSA wanted to achieve by immersing themselves in the discovery phase, and spending time with the GSA project staff and our focus groups to get a 360o outlook on the project.

We really appreciated having our thinking challenged and stretched to ensure the product was the right solution for the end-users. We were kept informed at all times with regular updates and the uptake of the Work Safely with PV systems mobile app has exceeded our expectations. The genuine passion and commitment of the Creative Grease team to the integrity of the project was vital to its success. It was an awesome collaboration, thanks Creative Grease!

Kim Arnott. Industry Liaison Officer, Government Skills Australia

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