Blowing up stuff at The Formula event

image of David Lampard at The Formula Event blowing stuff up!

The Formula = a beautiful night + great food + great wine + great people = bespoke Solutions.

Thanks to everybody who enjoyed the event with us. So many great comments about the food and wine. The science was a blast, too! Boom boom. Thanks David Lampard.

What was it all about? We [Creative Grease] teamed up with Vite! Gourmet to Go, Footlight Events and Marketing Adelaide to celebrate the power of great local outsourcing – and demonstrate how good it really is. Oh, and every event needs entertainment, so ‘That Science Guy’ David Lampard turned it on for us. Liquid Nitrogen, eggs, balloons, boiling water and big safety goggles. Say no more.

Photography courtesy of Heidi Who Photos. Event photos

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