The success of any brand is dependent upon how well it does key things, and how regularly it does others. Test your brand using the grader below. It only takes a couple of minutes to see if you have the right formula.


Is your logo, colours and typeface consistent across all collateral? Yes No 

Do you have your logo in a range of formats for different output? Yes No 

Do you have a style guide or brand manual? Yes No 

Web & digital

Do you have Google analytics installed? Yes No 

Do you get reports on the data? Yes No 

Can you update the content yourself? Yes No 


Is your content broadcast via social media? Yes No 

Do you have a marketing plan? Yes No 

Do you communicate regularly with your database? Yes No 

Add up your answers yourself, or hit "SEND" below and we'll send you the results in a handy scorecard!

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How many yes?

7 or more

Awesome! We could help execute the master plan.

4 to 6

Great groundwork. Let’s build on that.

3 or less

Creating the basics can work wonders.

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