Branding a pinstriped punk band marketer

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You are your brand. Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, one-man-bands, one-woman-bands, tradies, consultants, the list goes on.

They all represent their businesses, and as the coalface of the business they are very powerful impressionists. This is particularly true when it comes to marketing and marketing consultants. We should be very aware that we are always marketing and selling – that is, leaving an impression.

Matt does this extremely well. Being a client of ours from a previous position, we had the unfair research and design advantage of having a very good profile of the person we were branding.

What the brand does this all mean?!?!? Simple. The focus should be on the person, not the identity, because the person is the identity. We created a simple, flexible branding system that gets out of the way and lets the brand ambassador do the talking. Oh yeah, Matt used to be in a punk band back in his motherland UK, and traded the spiky hair for pinstripe shirts and suits. God save the punk impression.

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