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I have to pinch myself each time I admire a piece of Telstra branding. Like many Australians, I built up such a dislike for the telco giant over the years, thanks to their poor customer service.

However, they do have the best product and coverage, so when my contract ran out with Optus, I took the opportunity to switch away from the dead spots in my house and drop outs on the way home on the tram.

We all know that great product doesn’t by default = great customer service, in fact we’d probably argue the opposite. The ‘old’ Telstra is case in point. But something has changed since they rebranded – a rebrand from the inside out.

The rebrand process, by Interbrand, has had a ripple effect across the entire organisation’s culture. Surely you can feel that smile on the other end of the phone. Pinch myself pinch myself. It’s extended right out to the smallest (in some people’s view) outward facing collateral and touch points, like the Account Check Up piece below. No small feat, or cheap, to extend the branding this far, but looking at what it’s done for the organisation, and an Aussie icon brand, the alternative would be much much more costly.

Interbrand suggest that the redesign was well received in the market with 81% of Australian consumers surveyed responding positively towards the new brand. 58% described it as a “refreshing change”. 65% said it made them “feel that Telstra is changing.”

Consideration scores, which have been declining for the last 5 years, have now begun to rise following the re-launch. Consumer consideration has risen 5% and business consideration has increased by 9% — unprecedented improvements in Telstra’s history.

This kind of strategic design and branding doesn’t only have to be for the big end of town. Small to medium enterprise can achieve these kinds of results, too.


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