Business Plan Mastery November 9

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Pedalling like mad in your small business and wondering where the goal posts are? 

Business Plan Mastery might just be the ticket. 

This month I’m speaking at Jacque Opie’s event – Business Plan Mastery – about the important of marketing and design in the success of business.

There are over two million small businesses in Australia. Many of them conceived on the back of a napkin, and then they hit the ground running, with the owners wearing many hats. Marketing should be one of them. And design is a function of marketing.

So, basically I get to speak about what I am passionate about. Helping small business grow, and supporting big business, too.

Register for this free event today. Click here. 

Dan Kuss

About Dan Kuss

Twenty years in the design industry can do one of two things – drive your love affair with all things design, or drive you nuts. We’re pretty sure Dan hasn’t gone nuts. What does drive him nuts is agency-centric solutions.

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