Celebrating 100 years of women’s football – Interactive display

Bounce Down! An exhibition of 100 years of women's AFL in Perth kicks off [tee hee] in the WA State Library exhibition tonight.

The celebration of 100 years of women’s football is officially launched.

Bounce Down! An exhibition of 100 years of women’s AFL in Perth kicks off [tee hee] in the WA State Library exhibition tonight.

We are excited to be part of the celebration, having designed and built an interactive touch display for the ‘A Century of Champions’ exhibit.

The interactive exhibit has already proved a winner in its opening week, being moved to a more prominent position to allow for better access by visitors.

If you’re in Perth, drop in to the State Library and learn about the trials and tribulations of women in football. The story about why the game was opened to women is interesting enough alone to visit.

I checked in my diary and it was only a month ago that I was first in contact with you, following a number of disappointments that made it seem the Century of Champions item [interactive display] was doomed.

I would like to thank you for your professional, courteous & solution-driven approach. You have excelled in customer service – offering helpful advice and keeping the mood buoyant, even when it seemed that time and circumstances threatened the project’s success.

Your ability to work to a very tight deadline has been outstanding. I was also impressed with the way you integrated the look of the touchscreen with the interpretive panels so that the design had integrity and coherence.

Brunette Lenkic
Organiser, ‘Bounce Down! Centenary of Women’s Australian Rules Football, 1915-2015’
Dan Kuss

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  • Kim says:

    You’ve certainly kicked a goal [groan] with this project. Looks great and sounds like it is attracting a lot of interest. Well done on a tight timeframe and budget,

  • Dan Kuss Dan Kuss says:

    Thanks, Kim. I appreciate the referral for this project. We sure had fun working on in, and the timeframe kept us focused!

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