Dark and beautiful.


I found this beautiful foldout today which was pretending to be a postcard, it embodies everything I love about design.

To start with, it’s simple and easy to read. In a time when everything is becoming more complicated, a clear message is key to getting peoples attention. The hierarchy of information guides the eye exactly where it needs to go, while the use of white space (or in this case, dark space) makes sure the information is not hard to access. Finally, the design is tied to the subject matter because the Biennial of Australian Art Dark Heart is an exhibition of contemporary art with a dark focus.

How can you engage with your target market in a way that is both clear and interesting?


Corey Wolf

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As a business owner, personal trainer [and mentor], web designer and marketing connoisseur, Corey brings an invaluable range of skills to the marketing communications table. The rare talent of being both creative and logical in the same moment has earned Corey the nickname ‘Spanner thrower’.

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