We believe there is no sustainable benefit to design in isolation. That is to say there is no point looking good if nobody knows you exist. Therefore, design and marketing must work hand-in-hand to achieve results.

Design and marketing go hand in hand

Cliché but true. You are always selling and marketing.
Be it yourself in an interview, or your business when you present a new idea at a meeting.

Your behaviour, tone and manner, words and colours all contribute to how you and your business are perceived. Think of this as your [business] BRAND. Once you have this right, the next step is to find out who is listening, and if they are the right people – that is, if they are your TARGET AUDIENCE.

Do you know who your target audience is?
How do they behave?
Where do they shop?
What do they read?
How would they prefer to be spoken to?

You wouldn’t wear a suit to sell tools to tradies, nor would you door knock a high-rise apartment building if you were selling swimming pools. It’s commonsense really.

There is a whole book on commonsense marketing, by the master himself – Drayton Bird.

We use commonsense strategies to help you market your business. The goal is to create more sales, period.

Our design is informed by marketing principles and is focused on providing commercial outcomes.

Good design is good for business

Better described as ‘Corporate Design’ or ‘Commercial Art’ – Graphic Design and professional copywriting bring information to life. They give businesses and brands a visual and emotive voice.

There is an art to communication – to do it in context – in consideration of culture, environment, competitors, medium, language and visual cues for imagery. (I don’t get this line… can you explain and we will re-write?)

To generate value, designers must develop a deep understanding of a business and its target audience. Good design differentiates the client from their competitors. Good design evokes desire and makes a product appealing. Good design delivers a return on investment.

The price of a seat at a client’s decision-making table is accountability. This is why there is such diversity in fees charged by designers. Some are ‘window dressers’ who will design using trends and tastes. Others are ‘strategic designers’ who conduct research to understand the client, their business culture and their target market in order to deliver a meaningful result.

Now, if good design can do all that and deliver a return on investment, then surely, good design must be good for business.

Okay, so what is marketing?

There are many definitions for marketing.
‘Creating the environment for a sale’ is one.
‘The right product, in the right place, at the right time, at the right price’ is another.

Seth Godin says, “Marketing is story telling – the story that you wrap around your product and service, and why it’s the right choice”.
Marketing, by the simplest definition in relevance to an audience. This involves the process of identifying your target audience [customers and prospects] then communicating with them effectively.

The trick is to always have something worthwhile to say. An offer never goes astray. Particularly, if you seek something in return such as an email address or a person’s time.

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