Goodbye GSA

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This year saw the doors close for a great client of ours.

Government skills Australia was a non-government agency responsible for amongst many other things developing training and skills programs for industries in water, defence, local government, etc.

A professional romance that started in 2012, we created great relationships — and ate a lot of cake — while working across digital and print; branding and events; and even an app for emergency safety around solar panels.

For an organisation to have the fate of their contracts, and particularly staff security, held over their heads every 2 years would be very demoralising. At the same time it’s often the standard for being in business.

This month they officially closed the doors for good. To everyone that we worked with at GSA we wish them the best of luck for the future and right now for an awesome Christmas break.
Many of them had moved on early and landed on their feet. Others, such as Jo Waugh, have started a business [the documender]. Congratulations Jo.

The lesson here, for me at least, is that nothing lasts for ever — not even cake! More so, that it’s what we do with circumstance that makes the difference.

Dan Kuss

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