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Everyone has a font they hate. The cool kids hate Comic Sans. Bianca hates Curlz. (The really cool kids hate it when you say font instead of typeface.)

I hate Bauhaus. I hate that people use it to be fresh and modern, but it’s based on a design from the 1920s. Ironically it’s Modern with a capital m.

If I take my fancy designer hat off… who cares! We’ve got a couple of children’s books set in Comic Sans. The letterforms are very close to what my daughter is drawing as she learns to write. If the demographic for your salad bar thinks Bauhaus is funky, go for it. Fancy designers will come too if your salads are good.

Daniel Sunstrom

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Daniel’s talent to work across all mediums—and integrate them seamlessly—has been carved out and honed over several years, serving a diverse spectrum of industries and roles.

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