How to get people to your event.

FlindersTherapy House invitation

We recently helped a revitalised brand to market their launch event and promote their new product*. The recipe is simple.

One : Set a date and venue. Sounds obvious, but you do need to consider what else is on in the calendar.

Two : Have a list of attendees. Who are you inviting and why? Big wigs, key stakeholders, government representatives, mums and dads?

Three : Invite them electronically first, with a Save the date email. This gets it out quicker, and it’s forwardable [stretch that reach].

Four : Send a printed invite. A great second touch point, or third touch point if you call the list first to confirm details.

Five : Follow up. The power is in the follow-up. We are all busy these days. Between junk mail filters, neglected post boxes and ruthless gatekeepers, some things just don’t get through.

If you are targeting a larger audience, then broadcasting via social media would be worth considering also.

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*Team work! Thanks Donna-Jayne PR for the opportunity to partner with her and Inclusive Directions on this project.

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