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I’m certainly not the target market for pay TV – sitting on the couch for hours on end and having to pay for the ‘privilege’ isn’t my thing, but the likes of Foxtel and FetchTV are doing their damnedest to contribute to the ‘shaping’ of Australia and throwing offer after offer after carrot-dangling offer out to the market.

Flicking through a Fetch TV direct mail brochure that rocked up in my mail box recently, I enjoyed the method they used to illustrate the benefit of online movies over a library of DVDs. The concept is a bookshelf with DVDs that portray the owner’s taste in movies, and hence their taste in other things. Let’s be honest, ‘The Break Up’ and ‘Fatal Attraction’ would have most of us running for the door, should we spot these DVDs in the collection of a new date.

Oddly enough, this campaign for online TV doesn’t seem to extend to online.

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