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Sorting through junk mail can be relaxing if – like me – you refuse to befriend the idiot box and don’t mind sitting on the lounge cruising the Office Works catalogue for a dash of down time.

If you’re an advertiser, folded in amongst the sea of retail noise at the mercy of the deliverer’s folding order then you’d want to make your point quickly, with a clear call to action, so when your communication does get its moment on stage it has a hope of making an impact.

Perhaps I should make my point quickly, then!

This mattress flyer [pictured] stood out to me as a successful communication. Well designed, with a great price system and big images. The products are well styled and shot – a picture speaks a thousand words – and I couldn’t miss the prices if I tried. Assuming I’m in the market for a new mattress then a quick scan identifies a match with my budget.

A well designed sales tool like this one doesn’t have to cost the earth to create – and once it’s in place, anybody with the software can update it for each edition. Its just a system, starting with a well designed template.

Ticks other boxes, too.

This communication, let’s just call it a flyer, ticks lots of other boxes, too.

  • Clear purpose in the headline
  • Obvious what they sell
  • Clear set of features, presented visually [I’ll support Aussie made and owned]
  •  Award-winning service
  • A  guarantee
  • Free removal of old mattress
  • Emotional benefit.

Where’s the call to action?

Relax, it’s on the other side. This article is about the sales tool, not the brand, so I chose not to show the side that has all the branding on it.

Love to know what you think.

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