Marketing and selling with testimonials and stories

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Perhaps testimonials are front of mind for me right now – thanks to a campaign we are working on that focuses on client stories, but stories and testimonials are still an incredibly popular method for marketing product.

They are the original ‘Like’ and ‘Tweet’. It’s no surprise really. Word of mouth is arguably the most powerful marketing tool, claimed to be 15 times more powerful than cold calling, and a genuine testimonial is equivalent to word of mouth – it’s an endorsement from somebody who already uses the product or service.

Officeworks are celebrating 20 years of helping business to grow [sounds much more engaging than ‘peddling stationery’] and their current campaign – yes I’ve been catalogue surfing again – focuses on the clients that they support and whom hence support them. It’s certainly helps to portray them as a business partner, and isn’t that how we all want to be considered by our clients.

Long live stories and testimonials.

Dan Kuss

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