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ANZ is the principal partner of the Mardi Gras, which if you’ve ever watched this annual spectacle, is very much evident during the parade itself.

But this year they have leveraged that sponsorship outside of the month long key events by temporarily reskinning some of their existing ATMs. Dotted over Sydney there are ten previously standard ATMs which have been glitterised, sparklified, and texturficated to coincide with the festivities.

Colourful and fun (even if the image content is somewhat gay cliche in instances), it’s proven to be a clever way of attracting the double take from passers by and drumming up attention to a ‘wall-paper’ type object most people dart past without with out a second look. In addition, tweets, photos and shares in the social media space are clocking over nicely.

A great way of bringing attention to sponsorship of an event to the larger customer population who may or may not be aware of their own bank’s involvement.

ANZ’s awesome page with all the details.

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