In early 2012, we partnered with GSA on a staged strategy to refine their entire marketing communications and brand program.

As GSA is a government-funded agency, our objective has been to raise their profile and render them an indispensable tool between government and industry, in an effort to ensure that their contract is renewed. We have achieved this three ways.

  1. Developing tools to assist their team with delivering value to both the workforce and the government agencies to whom they report.
  2. Redesigning these tools to better communicate their purpose and the value of the services that GSA offer.
  3. Refining the branding that wraps around these tools ensure consistency and clear segmentation of the products.

 Brand and collateral

A clear branding and collateral system has created a platform of document templates that saves GSA money by avoiding the need for redesign each time. Instead that time and energy is invested in document quality.

 Responsive online presence

In 2012, we embarked on a 6 month journey to redesign and develop GSA’s website. The result is a functional hub for the client’s online activities and an information system that serves the five government and community safety sectors that GSA represent. Over 60% of websites access is from mobile devices, so it made sense to serve up a version of the content just the way mobile users want to see it.

 Web app

GSA’s Local Government sector engaged us to take their 6 year old Careers Guide Chart and re-purpose it for the younger generation – aka mobile device users.

Video or die – serving up engaging content as video is not an option any more

Not only are we [the public] browsing with mobile devices more and more, our preferred method of absorbing content is increasingly via video. Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube alone.

To launch GSA’s major projects, we developed a series of animated infographic videos. See more of our video projects on the GSA youtube channel.

The GSA website was in need of a complete overhaul. Creative Grease had already produced some excellent work for us and they were a natural choice for the design. Since launching the new site GSA has received nothing but positive feedback from our stakeholders.

Matt Lees | Marketing & Communications Manager | Government Skills Australia

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