A big budget for marketing and branding?

For many start-ups, it’s not the reality.

When Sarah and Lucas each brought 10 years of experience in the health & fitness industry to their new personal training business, they trusted our team to help them spread the word. That was early 2013.

Throughout the brand development process Lucas and Sarah showed their own incredible passion to help dedicated clients achieve their goals, so we tailored a solution that enabled them to achieve their own goals, too.

We created a 6-month program to spread the investment – and priorities – across a manageable time-frame. Gee, that kind of sounds like a PT [personal trainer] selling an annual subscription. A healthy fit, for sure. This also allowed Sarah and Lucas to integrate the branding and marketing fees in with all those other bills that come with setting up a new business – whether online or a bricks-and-mortar start-up.

The perfect start up toolkit

Getting start-ups off to a flying start – in the right direction – with strategic marketing and creative, is incredibly rewarding for both us and our clients. Synergy64’s individually-tailored start-up toolkit included:

  • naming
  • branding
  • visual identity
  • stationery
  • collateral
  • shopfront livery
  • an online presence – a responsive web page and Facebook page
  • a strategy for using these tools to grow their business


A simple strategy for using these new tools to grow their business

The key word here is ‘using’. Sales and marketing tools are not simply ‘set and forget’. They need to be used consistently in order to grow the business – all part of a carefully considered marketing strategy. A new logo on a business card just won’t cut it on its own. The real power is in what happens behind that logo – who it touches and how.

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Responsive online presence

Everybody is shopping online – research using mobile devices is growing 40% year on year. Being mobile-friendly is not an option any more – it’s a must. Particularly when the target market is active, professional, zipping around dropping off kids to school, etc. A one page website that’s responsive is a great place to start. Get found, communicate well and drive enquiry with a call to action.

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Word of mouse

Word-of-mouth – better now referred to as word-of-mouse – is the most cost-effective marketing method for growing a small business. Using the power of that to nurture a community was our chief suggestion for Synergy 64 – hence the critical online presence. Admittedly, we had to drag them to Facebook kicking and screaming, but, boy, has this online presence paid dividends. In the seven months post launch, Synergy 64 received over 50 enquiries that converted to 15 new clients and, at time of writing, 165 raving fans.

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The hardest part of working out is getting to the gym.

In the months post-launch, we added more pages to the website and created a targeted QR Code campaign to drive even more local enquiries. Why QR code? Simple. The best personal training clients are those on Synergy 64′s doorstep. Makes sense. It’s most convenient for the client and, as Tony Robbins says, “the hardest part of working out is getting to the gym”.

Positioning is everything.

Setting up shop in Unley, on Unley Road – the heart of a very wealthy part of town, and host to a shopping and restaurant precinct – was a very strategic move. The studio is smack bang in the middle of their ideal demographic. The branding draws attention from the 100,000 + cars daily, and the QR code gives commuters and pedestrians a quick method for getting in touch. Particularly where the call to action is an incentive.

Are you a start up?

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