We get business off the ground, to a flying start – in the right direction – with creative and marketing programs.

One visit to the gym rarely works. Nor does one session with a consultant. How many of us have bought exercise bikes and now they’re sitting in the corner, begging to be ridden.

Branding is just like a muscle. It needs to be repeatedly used in order to stay strong. Buying a logo, or a brochure, or a website isn’t going to revolutionise a business – or a brand, without constant use. This is why a marketing plan is critical.

Our clients gain the greatest results when engaged in our design and marketing programs. They consist of simple strategies that every business that wants to grow should be using. They’re built on repeatable systems that are sustainable and affordable.

Our programs include a tailored selection of projects and activities from a marketing plan to corporate identity, and a plan on how best to use it. Think of it as a personal trainer, holding your hand while you get up to speed with your new marketing tools.

Okay, so what does a program look like. Well, for a start-up business, it might consist of the following:

  • Logo
  • OnePage[TM] style guide
  • OnePage[TM] website
  • Stationery – a business card and letterhead template
  • Brochure
  • mailgrease email Marketing starter kit
  • Marketing calendar
  • Facebook and LinkedIn company pages

For an established brand, a program might consist of the following:

  • Brand refresh
  • Brand manual
  • Website redevelopment
  • Stationery
  • Sales and marketing collateral redesign
  • mailgrease email Marketing starter kit
  • Marketing plan
  • Social media strategy
  • Annual report
  • Communications templates
  • App or web application

Want to see examples of these programs in action?

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