Silk Laser Clinics gets a waxing from Creative Grease

silk laser clinic web site home page

Over the past few months we’ve been redesigning the website for Adelaide’s leading laser clinic.

In a highly competitive industry, with national chains moving in Adelaide’s turf, the objective was to create an experience for all users across all devices that reflected the nature of Silk’s premium service. 

We also wanted to ensure that visitors got a snapshot of the most important features and benefits of Silk’s services, and could get where they wanted to go in 2 clicks or less. Let’s be honest: the target demographic doesn’t have a lot of #patience so we better give them what they want  – quick smart.

Check it out. Get smooth top-lipped, or get a brazilian, while it’s on sale!

Dan Kuss

About Dan Kuss

Twenty years in the design industry can do one of two things – drive your love affair with all things design, or drive you nuts. We’re pretty sure Dan hasn’t gone nuts. What does drive him nuts is agency-centric solutions.

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