Dan at launch

We’re very proud to be involved in the branding and launch of Blind Sporting Council’s Eye Support a Star campaign and other campaign brands.

[zilla_two_third] The public launch was a great success, with media coverage, a Judo demonstration from blind Paralympian Anthony Clarke OAM and more balloons than we could blow up without fainting.

The Blind Sporting Council [BSC] exists to raise finance for recreation, sport and associated projects to ensure blind and vision impaired people of all ages have opportunities to fulfill their dreams. As one of a sea of thousands of passionate fundraising bodies getting by on the generosity and support of the community, The Blind Sporting Council were looking for an edge.

How does such an organisation get your attention when they don’t have the means to afford to engage an agency to help. Well, the short version of the colourful story is that Creative Grease were invited to design a logo for BSC’s newest campaign–Eye Support a Star, and we all enjoyed the process and cause so much that we ended up coming on board as a major sponsor. As a result we’ve worked with Raj and her team to:

  • Brand all six of the Blind Sporting Council’s major campaigns into one cohesive family
  • Redesign their marketing collateral to better communicate their purpose
  • Design and manage the production of the Eye Support a Star website
  • Refresh the BSC’s logo to bring it inline with the family of campaign brands.
  • Redesign the BSC’s website to become the hub of all their online marketing activity and engagement, and drive support and fundraising [launching soon]
[/zilla_two_third] [zilla_one_third_last] “It was great to see the Creative Grease team come out in full force. We are super excited with the fresh, contemporary image and brand you have come up with for us. It’s been a pleasure working with you guys, a design company that extends well beyond the job specs with an integrity and passion that consistently delivers. Onwards and upwards!”

Rajini Vasan CEO Blind Sporting Council [Inc]



One brand family

A fundraising organisation is really a brand about hope. Hope lives in colour, in flowers and in joy. A clear, simple and colourful visual identity system is a great fit.


Driving ongoing support for our stars

Encouraging the community to support a star, just one, on a regular monthly basis is the objective of the campaign. The website should be no different. Learn about why we exist, choose a sporting star that resonates with you or your organisation and sign up for a monthly pledge. However, as human beings we love options! This is why allowing for one-off donations is still critical.