The first wine of its kind in the world*

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Kimbolton Bella Vintage Sparkling Montepulciano bottle shot

When’s the last time you tried a Sparkling Monte? The chances are you haven’t!

Our friends at Kimbolton Wines had a brainwave last year, one of many, perhaps fuelled by a smidge of the good old creative grease, and decided to put some stars^ into their sell-out Montepulciano.

The result is Bella. A high quality sparkling wine made from small parcels off their Monte block. We’ve designed the label to position it just below their premium range The Rifleman. It looks at home along side it, too. We reckon they’d pair up well as a gift pack.

How’s it selling? Like hot cakes, at cellar door.

* How do we know its a world-first? Google of course!

^ According to the Dom Perignon story, at the moment that he ‘invented’ sparking wine, he was quoted as saying “Come quickly, I am drinking the stars!”

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