The quick and the dead – an agile kickstart for a small business initiative

Business Transformation Centre website online presence Data Mobility Voice

We recently teamed up with long-time client Data Mobility Voice to brainstorm how to get a new business idea of theirs off the ground. — quickly.

Identifying niche opportunities is one thing. Pulling together the resources to make magic happen in a tight timeframe, with a tight budget, is another.

Plus, sitting on a great idea for too long is like the quick and the dead. Someone else with a little more courage will draw their pistol first and bang! They might take your prospective customers from under your nose. So, getting it to market quickly, is vital. Then it’s just a matter of test, measure, adjust, keep firing.

Data Mobility Voice managing director Greg Fletcher-Harriss understands, like many of us, that business today can be conducted all over the world. From a tablet or smart phone and even from a watch. And, that it happens at lightning speed.

There are some things though, that really need to be experience in person. Face-to-face. Demonstrating the benefits of aligning business strategies with technology is one such experience. Hence the Business Transformation Centre was born, and we were tasked with creating an online presence and lean awareness strategy for it.

What did we create for their lean kick-start:

  • Responsive one-page website
  • Analytics to measure activity on the site
  • A4 brochure to complement the parent-brand and guide the sales team through the awareness-building phase

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