Goodbye GSA

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This year saw the doors close for a great client of ours.

Government skills Australia was a non-government agency responsible for amongst many other things developing training and skills programs for industries in water, defence, local government, etc. Read More

Eye 2 Eye Annual Gala Ball banner

Branding the Eye 2 Eye Gala Ball

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The Blind Sporting Council, recently rebranded to Eye Play Sport, holds a gala ball each year to raise awareness of the brand, and raise much-needed funds to help blind and vision-impaired athletes play sport.

In its fifth year, and gaining momentum, we decided to try two new tactics: theme the event and integrate the ‘eye’ mark from the brand into the theme’s identity. Read More

Breakfast sales presentation officeworks Adam Slonim

Expand your love zone

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Expand your love zone. That was part of the sales message this morning from speaker Adam Slonim at an Officeworks’ hosted breakfast. Focus more on the clients in your top 10%, deliver more value and then grow that 10%. Great advice!

Great event, great food and a full house. Thanks Kellie Chadwick and your team for putting it on and saving a seat for me. show less

Image of knife, fork, plate, love heart. Your logo is not your brand

Your logo is not your brand.

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What comes to mind when you think of your favourite restaurant?

Is it the service, the food, a great experience? Picture it. Can you see it? Can you hear the sounds of the kitchen, of conversations? Can you smell it? what was that last tasty dish you had? Perhaps it wasn’t even the food – maybe it was the company you were with that made it memorable. Picture the environment, the decor. Close your eyes and go there. Read More