Uber good cafe lunch idea.

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Uber good

A friend of mine was telling me about a new cafe that emails out their menu each day with specials.

It doesn’t sound that special at first, but think about it. From a customer perspective, it’s in your inbox.

You don’t need to be proactive and go to their site, or facebook page, to order. That would require you to know where you want to eat, first. Chances are you’re in the midst of a busy work day and you just need lunch sorted. Somewhere close, convenient and ready when you get there.

From a marketing perspective, you are pushing your wares to the customer’s inbox, getting your foot in the door before they think of somewhere else to eat and you’re suggesting specials and meals that you have plenty of stock of.

In true pop-up and gone fashion, if this catches on and every vendor and they’re dog does it, then they’ll need more sustainable point of difference than emailing out menus.

Check them out here: UberFood Gourmet

Gold star from me for using South Australian free range produce.

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